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Pope Francis "But to all of you, especially those who can do more and give more, I ask: Please, do more! Please, give more!". 


 There is a role for anyone who can volunteer their time.  Starting from simple but incredibly useful activities during Mass through to running Parish wide groups and coordination.  We want everyone to be able to to be engaged with Parish life to the extent that suits them, and are always open to new ideas.

How can I help?

The list of ways you could help is almost endless, but here are some ideas.

Altar Serving

If you have received your first holy communion you are welcome to join one of our Altar Serving teams.  We are always keen to have a big group, and maintain a friendly atmosphere.  All instruction is provided, and you don't need to commit to particular masses in advance.

Church Cleaning

One of the most flexible ways to help.  There are multiple teams, and an opportunity to help out at a time that suits you.


Readers are on a Rota, and typically read once every 6 weeks.  Training can be provided.

Music Groups

We have a number of current groups with different musical styles at our Church, including choir, folk group, and organist.  Volunteers can join any of our current groups, or could even create a new one!


We have formal programs for 'First Holy Communion' and 'Confirmation'.  Both programs are always looking for additional catechists.  You don't need to have a comprehensive knowledge of Catechism, but a desire to learn and engage with our children and young adults is a must.


For those keen to have a direct and practical impact on the lives of those in need.


There are lots of other areas to volunteer for.


Contact Presbytery: Mary Wood Secretary 01582 662710. Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.