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Repository 1 SmallREPOSITORY

The parish has an excellent repository, which stocks a comprehensive selection of items and gifts to help you to deepen your faith and to support and celebrate important landmarks in the church year.

Our stock is aimed at all tastes and budgets and includes such things as Mass cards, seasonal greeting cards (Easter and Christmas), holy water bottles, candles, crucifixes, rosary beads and other religious artefacts.

There is also a wide range of Catholic books and leaflets for sale.

Repository 2 SmallShould you require a special item, there is a catalogue available to browse, but please note that any items that are specially ordered will need to be paid in full, in advance and will incur appropriate postal charges.

Repository 3 SmallThe repository is located to the rear of the church. Its normal opening times are: Saturdays, following the 6:00pm Vigil Mass, and Sundays, following 09:30am and 11:30am Holy Mass.