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MVE Youth


MVE Youth Crew is open to all young people aged between 10 - 18. Meetings are held every other Friday, second and last week of the month.
We meet at the Parish Centre, St Mary`s Church or St Vincent 19:00-21:00 unless our programme states otherwise. There is a subscription of £1.00 on every meeting.
Joining in Forms can be collected on the meeting day .
If you would like to invite a friend who is not catholic, please speak to one of the leaders.


Ground Rules

• We expect every MVE youth club member to be registered.
• Once you have entered the building please remain on the premises.
• We would appreciate it if you all help to clean up your mess after club.
• All games, DVD & music must be suitable for the age of members of the club.
• All club members must be willing to take part and get involved in all activities.
• All club members will respect each other, their environment, the premises, property and all equipment.
• Youth members will be learning life skills , physical development ,


Leaders & contact details

Lucy -         07760227340 or 01582 667417 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Johanna -   07792657024

Jessica -    07521971236

Or Parish Office -    01582 662710


Volunteers are welcome (CRB checked by the Dioceses).


Youca  free book

Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church -The book has been developed together with young people and new groups and initiatives have emerged worldwide. www.youcat.org/ Contact Lucy 07779997612 for FREE BOOK